CV. Banjarmasin Pump servicing the repair of various diesel engines, truck units, forklifts and heavy equipment. We prioritize satisfying service to consumers by providing good results, acceleration in work and quality that is maintained. For the convenience of consumers, work that has been handled is accompanied by a guaranteed job guarantee, staff who have a quick response and always listen to complaints from consumers and reports on work results in accordance with company standards.

We provide a shuttle service to pick up the units to be repaired, apart from an easy pick-up process, the service is assisted by friendly staff, so that service users will enjoy a shuttle service that can accommodate every type of need.
service plunger banjarmasin pump


The plunger is one of the components in the main injection pump that functions to suppress diesel fuel, so that the fuel that comes out of the injection pump has pressure.

service COMMON RAIL INJECTOR banjarmasin pump


Common Rail Injector is a direct fuel injection system built around a high pressure fuel rail feeder solenoid valve, in general the Common Rail injector is widely used in diesel engines.


The nozzle is a component that functions to spray diesel fuel into the combustion chamber of the diesel engine to form very soft fuel grains.

service FUEL INJECTION PUMP REPARATION banjarmasin pump

Fuel Injection Pump

Fuel Injection Pump (FIP) or fuel injection pump functions as a supply of fuel to the combustion chamber through the nozzle. Fuel Oil is injected with high pressure so that it is dispersed into a fine mist so that it easily mixes with air. Thus fuel oil can burn completely when compressed in the combustion chamber.

service tune up banjarmasin pump

Tune Up

Maintenance on a diesel engine car that is carried out regularly to maintain the performance of the car which aims to keep the car’s engine performance good and slow down the decline in the quality of the car engine. When the car is tuned up, all components and the vehicle’s performance system will be checked, whether they can still work properly or have decreased quality. If it is known that there is a decrease in the quality of the car engine or working system, our staff will immediately notify the customer with information to discuss what steps to take next. In general, a car engine that must be tuned up will show symptoms such as black smoke, white smoke, a loud vibrating engine, an engine that is difficult to start and wasteful fuel consumption.

service overhaul banjarmasin pump


This is generally done on cars that experience a decrease in engine performance due to white vehicle fumes, low compression, damaged pistons and many other problems. Engine overhaul is the activity of dismantling car components starting from the opening of the engine block to the inside of the engine, in this activity our staff will check 1 by 1 component very carefully in order to find the exact source of the problem with the car engine.